Demystifying The News

On the morning of November 9th, I stood barefoot in my kitchen staring unbelievingly at my iPhone. Trump Triumphs, The New York Times headline read. Outsider Mogul Captures the Presidency, Stunning Clinton in Battleground States. The night before, I had gone to bed around midnight trying to convince myself it couldn’t happen: Donald Trump couldn’t possibly win the White House. Every article I had read, every poll I had seen, and every friend or colleague

Demystifying Healing Sex Toys

I first heard of Chakrubs and founder Vanessa Cuccia on an episode of Down for Whatever. The origins story of her crystal sex toy company is both simple and serendipitous. Vanessa was working at a sex toy shop in LA when she got to know some new spiritual friends. One night she met a woman with a vast collection of crystals. Cue the a-ha moment, taken from the eloquent recap on her website: I hadn’t

Demystifying Childless-by-Choice

I am a woman who does not want to have children.  I describe myself as “childfree,” a concise term that shows I have made an active choice not to reproduce–a choice I feel good about. More and more, women seem to be making this empowering choice not to become mothers despite the constant societal push to reproduce. Some make the choice later in life, after years of weighing the myriad pros and cons of having

Demystifying Investing

A few weeks ago, I attended a networking event for women entrepreneurs here in NY. To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of these types of events. I usually end up in the corner with a bottle of wine, talking to the person I came with. But this one was different. The guest speaker was Sallie Krawcheck, a Wall Street escapee and founder of Ellevest — an investment platform for women. Krawcheck’s mission is to