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#DBC: When They Call You a Terrorist

Welcome to Demystified Book Club (#DBC), a new segment where we talk about the books we’ve been reading that we want to share, discuss, and promote. When They Call You a Terrorist has remained vividly in my mind in the weeks that I’ve read it. I’ve struggled to write a piece about it since then, but for awhile I couldn’t figure out how to. Often when I write about books I relate them to my

Demystifying Misogyny in Hollywood

When I was 19 and I read the part of “Tracee” on The Sopranos, I immediately knew I would play her, and I knew I wanted to play her because there was something about her story that I understood so well and wanted to do justice to. I had never seen The Sopranos, but I knew it was a gangster show with plenty of violence and misogyny. Tracee was a young mother, stripping at the

Demystifying Training for Office

I have always been interested in politics. I grew up the daughter of an attorney and elementary school principal. My grandmother was one of the first women to graduate from the University of Wisconsin Law School, where she met her husband, my grandfather. My great-grandfather was a judge. My uncle was a state representative. I knew all my life I wanted to be an attorney, but I also always kept politics on the radar.  I

Demystifying Accidental Misogyny

I’m a straight, white, male, Brooklynite attorney in his early thirties. I was raised by two avowed feminists in an affluent Philadelphia suburb. I studied at elite universities and always took pride in representing progressive viewpoints to my friends and classmates. I tangle with conservatives on social media. I donate to Planned Parenthood. I worked the polls for Hillary. I am, to be sure, a pure embodiment of the self-satisfied limousine liberalism that the right

Demystifying Transformation

Awareness as an Instrument of Love and Justice in a Transforming World The human brain developed two valuable tactics in pursuit of our survival: awareness and intellect.[1] First came awareness; the brain was an input center for information collected by the senses. Later came intellect. This tactic labeled the incoming information and categorized it, allowing for complex data connection.[2] Throughout history, much emphasis has been put on sharpening human intellect. We socialize children in school

Demystifying How to Start a F*cking Revolution

How can I make a difference? I’m only one person. In the face of immense human suffering and grave injustices, I have wondered this exact thing. How can my actions, the actions of only an individual, change anything? How can I contribute in a meaningful way when the paralysis of inaction takes over and hiding under the covers seems like the only option? And yet, where does change begin if not with the individual? It

Demystifying Reactions to Trumpmerica: Millennials

To start, I hate it. I hate Donald Trump and everything that he stands for—racism, sexism, and, in most cases, rich, white supremacy. He represents so much of what we as a nation claim to have overcome. It feels sad and embarrassing to be an eighteen-year-old woman of color in 2017 after the extensive amounts of oppression that Trump has portrayed, which affect myself and my community. I feel disgusted that we women once again

Demystifying The News

On the morning of November 9th, I stood barefoot in my kitchen staring unbelievingly at my iPhone. Trump Triumphs, The New York Times headline read. Outsider Mogul Captures the Presidency, Stunning Clinton in Battleground States. The night before, I had gone to bed around midnight trying to convince myself it couldn’t happen: Donald Trump couldn’t possibly win the White House. Every article I had read, every poll I had seen, and every friend or colleague