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Julia Bartz

Five Truly Feminist Horror Films

Last weekend, Amanda Hess wrote a piece for The New York Times about new “murder podcasts” that have been appealing to women. She explored why women might be drawn to such grisly tales: “A 2010 study suggests that women in particular are drawn to true crime because it provides an outlet for managing anxieties about becoming victims, and to glean survival skills on how to escape or outsmart predators.” This made me consider my love

Demystified Approved: OMGYes

A few months ago, I came across some shattering statistics about female sexuality in my Human Behavior class. Apparently, between 20 and 30% of women in the US and Europe experience female orgasmic disorder (basically, not being able to or having a hard time coming, with the added dimension of feeling distressed about it)*. Also, 30% of women AROUND THE WORLD experience female sexual interest/arousal disorder, featuring a reduction of interest in sex, and, again,

Demystifying Healing Sex Toys

I first heard of Chakrubs and founder Vanessa Cuccia on an episode of Down for Whatever. The origins story of her crystal sex toy company is both simple and serendipitous. Vanessa was working at a sex toy shop in LA when she got to know some new spiritual friends. One night she met a woman with a vast collection of crystals. Cue the a-ha moment, taken from the eloquent recap on her website: I hadn’t