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Demystifying Global Beauty Standards: How Living in Medellín, Colombia Transformed My Self-Confidence

When I decided to take a leap and move to Medellín, Colombia, one of the most common reactions I’d receive from people was, “The women there are SO beautiful.” Naturally, I was a little annoyed. I couldn’t believe I was about to embark on the biggest, most exciting adventure of my life and all anyone could talk about—both my male and female friends—was how beautiful the women were in the country I was headed to.

Demystifying Body Hair

I’m in fifth grade, and I’ve been wanting to shave my legs since I realized that was an option. My mom buys me a bottle of Nair instead. She says most people only shave their calves, but she has fine, thin hair, and I end up doing my whole legs pretty soon. I shave my fingers and toes, too. I’m in sixth grade, and I have a unibrow. It’s the early ’00s, and thin, delicate

Demystified Approved: Flex Menstrual Discs

Note: Demystified Approved posts are not sponsored content. They are products and services we actually use, love and believe more women should know about! If you have a suggestion for a Demystified Approved post let us know in the comments below, or email us. Like so many women, my period has always been a THING. Preceded by anywhere from 5 – 10 days of emotional PMS symptoms that my doctor once referred to as my

Demystifying Pettiness

My grandma is what’s known as, in internet lingo,  “a petty legend.” Currently age 90, she has held grudges that have lasted longer than many people’s lives. Someone who gave her a rude look at a wedding in 1947? An enemy to this day. Someone who insulted one of her daughters’ academic performance in 1962? They have “fat ankles,” and when she sees them on the bus, she takes pleasure in acting as coldly towards

Demystified: Finding Healing in the Holidays

My roommates and I decorated our Christmas tree just after Thanksgiving. It’s a real tree, driven down by my roommate Deborah from her family’s farm in New Hampshire, though, weirdly, it doesn’t have that pine smell. We wrapped the tree in strings of colored lights (well, to be honest, my roommates did the wrapping after I draped them over my scooter and took selfies with them garlanded over my head) and all hung the respective

Demystifying Training for Office

I have always been interested in politics. I grew up the daughter of an attorney and elementary school principal. My grandmother was one of the first women to graduate from the University of Wisconsin Law School, where she met her husband, my grandfather. My great-grandfather was a judge. My uncle was a state representative. I knew all my life I wanted to be an attorney, but I also always kept politics on the radar.  I

Demystifying Transformation

Awareness as an Instrument of Love and Justice in a Transforming World The human brain developed two valuable tactics in pursuit of our survival: awareness and intellect.[1] First came awareness; the brain was an input center for information collected by the senses. Later came intellect. This tactic labeled the incoming information and categorized it, allowing for complex data connection.[2] Throughout history, much emphasis has been put on sharpening human intellect. We socialize children in school

Demystifying Memoir

When you are in your twenties, not famous, and somewhat ordinary, and you tell people you’ve written a memoir, very often you get the response, “you’re too young to write a memoir!” It’s annoying, and insulting, but it’s par for the course. Plus, it helps you build tough skin. First of all, memoir isn’t autobiography. It’s not a lifelong chronicle. A memoir is a snapshot, a moment of a life lived through and realized. When

Demystifying Prenatal Depression & Anxiety

I sit in my cozy living room, the sun shining through the windows, the smell of freshly baked birthday cake taking up the whole house, Adele playing in the background, and the round of my pregnant belly gently rising and falling as if in beat to the music. My healthy and happy 3.5 year old daughter and supportive and loving husband are outside enjoying the fresh air in our safe and beautiful neighborhood on this

Demystifying Fast Fashion

Today on the subway I saw an advertisement for an $8 jacket from a brand called Missguided. Was this meant to be Ironic? No. It made me angry. Because this is ridiculous. An $8 jacket means the fabric, likely cotton grown with pesticides, which destroys soil and contaminates water and is proven to cause cancer or maybe polyester made from oil, is almost certainly covered in disgusting cheap chemicals to dye it. The person who