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Demystifying Polyamory

Polyamory: loving and being involved with more than one person at once. I learned about polyamory shortly after I turned 23. I had just entered into my first serious relationship, and despite feeling overwhelmed by the experience of falling in love, I also didn’t feel ready to commit to one person and one relationship. As a late bloomer, I had only been sexually active for a few years and was too excited about sex, queerness

Demystifying Transformation

Awareness as an Instrument of Love and Justice in a Transforming World The human brain developed two valuable tactics in pursuit of our survival: awareness and intellect.[1] First came awareness; the brain was an input center for information collected by the senses. Later came intellect. This tactic labeled the incoming information and categorized it, allowing for complex data connection.[2] Throughout history, much emphasis has been put on sharpening human intellect. We socialize children in school

Demystifying Memoir

When you are in your twenties, not famous, and somewhat ordinary, and you tell people you’ve written a memoir, very often you get the response, “you’re too young to write a memoir!” It’s annoying, and insulting, but it’s par for the course. Plus, it helps you build tough skin. First of all, memoir isn’t autobiography. It’s not a lifelong chronicle. A memoir is a snapshot, a moment of a life lived through and realized. When

Demystifying Reactions to Trumpmerica: Millennials

To start, I hate it. I hate Donald Trump and everything that he stands for—racism, sexism, and, in most cases, rich, white supremacy. He represents so much of what we as a nation claim to have overcome. It feels sad and embarrassing to be an eighteen-year-old woman of color in 2017 after the extensive amounts of oppression that Trump has portrayed, which affect myself and my community. I feel disgusted that we women once again